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Can I trust you.
Seller : Yes, we are company which registered in Malaysia. This is Malaysian Company.
Buyer : Will it be happened that, after I make payment you do not post out my items. May be you are cheater.
Seller : We want to do long term business. Anyway you can trace thru my Maxis handphone number, SSM company number, Bank account number.

Do you have warranty provide?
Seller : Common accessories have 2 weeks warranty. For Branded Hard Disk, Motherboard, Notebook & etc... 
minimum have 1 year or 2,3 years. Please contact us for details.
Buyer : How do I claim for warranty.
Seller : There is few way to claim warranty. Either you sent back to us.(Shipping charges all bear by buyer.) 
or some you can direct to the Manufacturing Service Centre.

How do I know you already post out my order?
Seller : After you make payment before 3pm. I will post out your item. Tracking number will email to you. 
The tracking number is for you to trace your item thru Courier company..
Buyer : Will you post out my order on current day?
Seller : For Ex-stock item will post on current day. Some item need to place order from my distributor will take extra 1 day.
Buyer : How do I know you got ex-stock or not?
Seller : While you want to place order and before make payment. We will inform you the stock status.

Can I combine shipping if I purchase more items?
Seller : Yes , You can combine shipping to save your shipping charges. But we reserve the right to combine shipping for some items.
Please contact use for more information.

Can I Cancel the order or change to other item after I make the payment.
Seller : Sorry, we are not allow our buyer to do so. So, Please make sure you place right order.  

What happened that If I make the payment, then later you tell me no stock.
Seller : We will full refund back all your money, once there is no stock.

I really interested the item but No stock available. What should I do?
Seller : We can back to back order from my Distributor. But you need to make full payment or 50% deposit to place order.

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