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Toshiba Notebook Price List

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Model No (Price After Discount)Processor TypeMemory (Standard)HDDScreenBuilt-in OpticalGraphicsHDMI PortWebcamBluetoothSpeakersOSColorWarranty

AT270-10003G AMOLED Screen 1,599 NVIDIA® Tegra™ 3 4-PLUS-1 1GB DDR332GB eMMC7.7NoNilNo2MP (Front); 5.0MP (Rear)Yes/ v3.0IHDASAndroid 4.0.3Textured Aluminium with dual finish1 Yr RW
Series - Satellite L (Value Series) INTEL

L850-1015XR  1,971 i5-3210M (Up to 3.1Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3640GB15.6DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M (ext 2GB VRAM)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound HD™Windows 8Luscious Red3 Yr LW
L850-1015XW 1,971 i5-3210M (Up to 3.1Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3640GB15.6DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M (ext 2GB VRAM)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound HD™Windows 8Icy White3 Yr LW
L50-A100X (OUT OF STOCKS - EOL) 2,199 i5-3230M (Up to 3.2Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB (SATA)15.6DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Silver1 Yr LW
L50-A100XW 2,199 i5-3230M (Up to 3.2Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB (SATA)15.6DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8White1 Yr LW
S40t-AS107 1,999 i3-3227U (1.9Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3500GB (SATA)14" touchDVDRWIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Metallic Silver1 Yr LW
S40t-AS102X 2,449 i5-3337U (Up to 2.7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB (SATA)14" touchDVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Metallic Silver1 Yr LW
L40-AS125XG *New 2,299 i5-4200U (Up to 2.6Ghz, 3M)2GB DDR3500GB (SATA) with shock absorbers14DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Gold3 Yr LW
L40-AS125XB *New 2,299 i5-4200U2GB DDR3500GB (SATA) with shock absorbers14DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Blue3 Yr LW
L40-AS125XW *New 2,299 i5-4200U2GB DDR3500GB (SATA) with shock absorbers14DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8White3 Yr LW
L50-A107X *New 2,499 i5-4200M4GB DDR31TB (SATA)15.6DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Silver3 Yr LW
L50-A107XW *New 2,499 i5-4200M4GB DDR31TB (SATA)15.6DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8White3 Yr LW
L40-AS109XB 2,199 i5-3337U (Up to 2.7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB (SATA)14DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Blue1 Yr LW
L40-AS109XG 2,199 i5-3337U (Up to 2.7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB (SATA)14DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8Gold1 Yr LW
L40-AS109XW 2,199 i5-3337U (Up to 2.7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB (SATA)14DVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Onkyo® Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Sound™Windows 8White1 Yr LW
Series - Satellite C (Value Series)

C40-A101E 1,299 Celeron® DC 1005M 1.90GHz2GB DDR3500GB (SATA)14DVDRWIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Stereo Speakers, enhanced by Toshiba Audio EnhancementWindows 8Textured Black1 Yr LW
C40-A103E  1,399 Pentium DC 2020M 2.4GHz2GB DDR3500GB (SATA)14DVDRWIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Stereo Speakers, enhanced by Toshiba Audio EnhancementWindows 8Textured Black1 Yr LW
C800D-1007 1,349 AMD E2-2000 (1.75Ghz, 1M)2GB 
500GB14DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series GraphicsYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Toshiba Audio EnhancementWindows 8 Matt Graphite2 Yr LW
PREMIUM - (Multimedia Series)

M500-S430  3,099 P7450 C2D (2.13Ghz)2GB DDR3320GB14DVD RW/LBNvidia G210M (512MB)YesYes/SFYesHarmon KardonW7HPMetallic
Premier Black
1 Yr WW
M840-1070XR 1,999 i5-3230M (Up to 3.2Ghz, 3M)2GB DDR3500GB (SATA)14DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M 2GB VRAMYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Stereo Speakers, enhanced by SRS® Premium Sound HD™Windows 8Luscious Red1 Yr LW
M840-1070XW 1,999 i5-3230M (Up to 3.2Ghz, 3M)2GB DDR3500GB (SATA)14DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M 2GB VRAMYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Stereo Speakers, enhanced by SRS® Premium Sound HD™Windows 8Icy White1 Yr LW
M840-1034XG 2,499 i7-3632QM (2.2Ghz, 6M)4GB DDR3750GB14DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M 2GB VRAMYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound HD™Win8 SL 64BitGold Blaze3 Yr LW
M840-1034XP 2,499 i7-3632QM (2.2Ghz, 6M)4GB DDR3750GB14DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M 2GB VRAMYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound HD™Win8 SL 64BitPink Blush3 Yr LW
M840-1034XQ 2,499 i7-3632QM (2.2Ghz, 6M)4GB DDR3750GB14DVDRWAMD Radeon™ HD 7670M 2GB VRAMYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound HD™Win8 SL 64BitBlue Horizon3 Yr LW
P840t-1010X(TOUCH) 3,199 i5-3337U (Up to 2.7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3750GB14" touchUltra-Slim 
NVIDIA GT630M (2GB)YesYes/FHDYes/ v4.0Harman Kardon with SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8 Brushed Silver1 Yr RW
P840T-1007X (TOUCH) 3,599 i7-3517U (Up to 3.0Ghz, 4M)4GB DDR3750GB 14" touchUltra-Slim 
AMD Radeon™ HD7670M(2GB)YesYes/FHDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound™ 3D Windows 8Brushed Silver1 Yr RW

U840W-1003 3,199 i5-3317U (Up to 2.6Ghz, 3M)6GB DDR3500GB + 32GB SSD14.4NoIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Harmon Kardon ® Speakers SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8Brushed Aluminium with dual finish1 Yr RW
U840W-1004 3,399 i7-3517U (Up to 3.0Ghz, 4M)6GB DDR3500GB + 32GB SSD14.4NoIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Harmon Kardon ® Speakers SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8Brushed Aluminium with dual finish1 Yr RW
U840T-1013 2,799 i5-3337U (Up to  2..7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3500GB + 32GB SSD14" touchNoIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound HD™Win8 SL 64BitUltra Silver1 Yr RW
U840W-1000 2,699 i5-3317U (Up to 2.6Ghz, 3M)6GB DDR3500GB + 32GB SSD14.4NoIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Harman Kardon with SRS® Premium Sound 3D™W7HP
Brushed Aluminium with dual finish1 Yr RW
U920T-1004 3,699 i5-3337U (Up to  2..7Ghz, 3M)4GB DDR3128GB SSD12.5" touchNoIntel HDYes1.0MP (Front); 3.0MP (Rear)Yes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8Brushed Aluminium with dual finish1 Yr RW
Portégé Z930-2035 3,799 i5-3337U (Up to  2..7Ghz, 3M)6GB DDR3128GB SSD13.3NoIntel HDYesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8Magnesium Silver3 Yr WW
Portégé Z10t-A100 *New 2,999 Celeron® DC Processor 847 (1.10 GHz, 2M Cache)4GB DDR3128GB SSD11.6NoIntel HDYes1.0MP Front; 3.0MP RearYes/ v4.0Stereo speakers enhanced with DTS Studio Sound™Windows 8Ultimate Silver1 Yr LOS

P50t-A102X 3,899 i7-3537U (Up to 3.1Ghz, 4M)8GB DDR31TB (SATA) with 3D HDD motion sensor15.6 touchDVDRWNVIDIA GT740M (2GB)YesYes/ HDYes/ v4.0Harman Kardon with Toshiba Sleep & MusicWindows 8Brushed Aluminium Silver1 Yr LW
Qosmio X70-A100X *New 7,899 i7-4700MQ16GB DDR31TB (SATA-III) Hybrid Hard Drive with 3D HDD motion sensor17.3BluRay RWNVIDIA GTX 770M with Optimus technology (ext 3GB GDDR5 VRAM)YesYes/ 2.0 MP FHD with Face Tracking FeatureYes/ v4.0Quad Harman Kardon® speakers enhanced by DTS Studio Sound™ with Toshiba Sleep & MusicWindows 8Black Cavalier1 Yr LW + 2nd & 3rd YLW
Qosmio X870-1007X 7,249 i7-3630QM (Up to 3.4Ghz, 6M)16GB DDR31TB17.3BluRay RWNVIDIA GTX 670M with 3D Vision™ Technology (3GB)YesYes/ 3DYes/ v4.0Quad Harman Kardon with SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8Black Widow1 Yr RW 
P850-1012X 5,299 i7-3630QM (Up to 3.4Ghz, 6M)8GB DDR31TB15.6BDROMNVIDIA GT640M with 3D Play Technology (2GB)YesYes/ HD with Face Tracking FeatureYes/ v4.0Harman Kardon with SRS® Premium Sound 3D™Windows 8Metallic Silver (3D)1 Yr RW

**Price Negotiable

Terms and Conditions 

1) All prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

2) Toshiba reserved the right to the final decision in the event of any dispute.

3) Toshiba is not be liable for editorial, pictorial and typographical errors in the price list.

Original Package Contents

  • Toshiba Notebook
  • Carrying Case ( Mini Notebook Come With Sleeve )
  • User Manual
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • Li-ion Battery

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