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Opt for an SSD: The smart choice for your PC
Why choose a solid state drive (SSD) over the good old hard disk drive (HDD) you’ve been using for so long? The answer is simple: an SSD is a better choice than HDD in many aspects. Unlike HDDs which are comprised of a disk and physically moving parts, being a storage device that uses semiconductor memory such as NAND flash, SSDs offer faster read and write speeds and lower power consumption with virtually no noise. An SSD is the smart choice for users who want to power up their PCs with greater performance and higher reliability. So, it’s time you said goodbye to your old HDD and welcome your PC’s brand new enhancement. 

Choose a superior SSD; choose Samsung
After making the smart choice of choosing an SSD over an HDD for a multitude of benefits, the next question is deciding which SSD is right for you. As a world leader in technology, Samsung offers SSDs that boast superior performance. Combining the finest hardware components and easy-to-use solutions, a Samsung SSD gives you the all-in-one solution and top-notch performance you want. With a Samsung SSD, your PC carries out commands so quickly that you will have more time for work or play, or to enjoy with your family.

Samsung SSD 840 EVO: Watch your PC evolve to a new level 
The evolution of SSD has arrived with the Samsung SSD 840 EVO. Combining the best SSD technologies from Samsung, 840 EVO delivers superior performance for your everyday PC usage. Experience the next level in SSD evolution with Samsung’s new 3-bit MLC technology, which provides performance that is faster than ever. Using 840 EVO also means less time worrying about your PC, because reliability is the name of the game. All of these features come in a sleek, attractive design that makes your PC attractive and fast. With 840 EVO, your daily computing experience will never be the same.

EVO Features

EVO Features

Experience a brand new, faster performance

840 EVO is significantly faster than a standard HDD, providing more rapid sequential and random read and write times for every task. Samsung’s new 3-bit MLC NAND flash memory stores data more efficiently, increasing both speed and reliability. Whether it’s a heavy workload like video file editing or a simple task like a virus scan, 840 EVO runs every job smoothly and quickly. Multitasking is a simple job for this SSD, which can operate several tasks simultaneously nearly three times faster than an HDD. 
Also, with Samsung’s innovative TurboWrite technology, 840 EVO also dramatically boosts the sequential write rate. The drive’s random read rate for light workloads (QD1) is 10,000 Input / Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), the best in the industry. To improve system-level performance, turn on the RAPID cache function on Samsung Magician software to use the PC’s free DRAM as a cache. Working more efficiently with the high-performing Samsung SSD 840 EVO will change your everyday computer usage. Now, your computer will wait for you—not the other way around.

Unmatched reliability for consistently high performance

Toughen up your PC with 840 EVO so that it can cope with almost any daily life situation. Shocks, vibrations, high temperatures—bring it on! With its robust strength, 840 EVO boasts an incredibly long life expectancy and a very low failure rate. What’s more, Samsung offers a 3-year warranty to back it up. 
The reliability of 840 EVO does not apply only to its physique. Equipped with Advanced Signal Processing, 840 EVO automatically corrects errors so you’ll worry less about your data’s stability. Plus, using Samsung Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology (SMART), you can track your SSD’s health status. SMART warns you of any unforeseen errors before they occur, so you’ll be prepared. 
In addition, Samsung’s Dynamic Thermal Guard Algorithm in 840 EVO’s firmware monitors the temperature of the SSD, preventing it from overheating. When the SSD is exposed to hot weather or extreme temperatures, the algorithm controls the SSD’s power supply to keep it cool. Plus, with 840 EVO your PC becomes lighter and more energy-efficient, which means you can carry it with you more.

Simple and easy tools for a convenient upgrade

With 840 EVO, your upgrade becomes simple and quick. Using a SATA-to-USB 3.0 connector provided in the laptop upgrade package, for a data size of 100GB, you can migrate all the data from your HDD to 840 EVO in only 24 minutes—just a third of the time needed for a SATA-to-USB 2.0 connector offered in some previous models. 
Using the One-stop Install Navigator software, your SSD installation will be a snap. The Auto Install guide included in the toolkit will guide you smoothly through the whole installation process. The Samsung Data Migration software helps you through the migration with a straightforward three-step process, recommending user options so that you can migrate your data in the optimal way. 
What’s more, you can conveniently monitor, manage and maintain your new SSD with the Samsung Magician software that’s also offered in the One-stop Install Navigator toolkit. Samsung Magician features tools to help you maximise performance, including benchmarking, advanced OS optimisation, disk health status tracking and over-provisioning settings. 840 EVO makes your upgrade a simple job, and your PC’s awesome performance will leave you feeling glad that you did.

Integrated solution combining top-quality components

Just as delectable dishes are made from the best ingredients, Samsung combines the finest components to create superior-quality SSDs. Samsung uses the best quality NAND flash memory chips from its own fabrication lines for SSDs. Only the chips with the highest quality, top performance and greatest longevity potential are selected for SSDs, the most demanding of memory applications. With all the components, including controllers and DRAM, produced by Samsung, the quality of your SSD is assured. Advanced new firmware that optimises how the components go together enables Samsung to serve up the right combination for your PC’s best performance and reliability.

Detailed information

Detailed information

Always be in high acceleration

If you are a speed demon, you will certainly enjoy the new level of excitement 840 EVO offers you. Thanks to Samsung’s TurboWrite technology, 840 EVO can deliver much faster sequential write speeds compared to the previous 840 model, tripling the speed from 130 to 410MB/s in 120GB drives, and doubling it from 250 to 520MB/s in 250GB drives. Utilising an innovative write acceleration algorithm and high performance write buffer, you can expect accelerated speeds and higher satisfaction from your PC.

Enjoy rapid performance by switching to a higher gear

Like changing gears in a car, with Magician software you have the option of RAPID mode, enhancing performance by processing data on a system level through the use of free PC memory (DRAM) as a cache. Depending on your PC memory, you can expect higher performance and more efficient command processing, which improves with repeated tasking. Boost into a higher gear to vastly improve QD1 random write performance to almost the same level as QD32.

Rock-solid encryption to secure your data

When you take your laptop on the road, you expose your personal information to new vulnerabilities. But don’t worry, 840 EVO’s Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) security technology will help keep your data safe at all times. The drive includes an AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption engine to ensure that your personal files remain secure, even if you lose your laptop. Being hardware-based, the encryption engine secures your data without performance degradation that you may experience with a software-based encryption.

Keep your PC performance safe from heat

When you’re immersed in your work, you might not notice that your PC is burning hot and struggling to keep up. With 840 EVO, your PC stays cool, even when you sometimes overwork it. 840 EVO includes Dynamic Thermal Guard protection, which monitors and maintains optimal operating temperatures for the drive. The throttling feature can drop the SSD’s temperature when necessary to protect your data and ensure the responsiveness you expect.

Increased energy efficiency to keep you doing what you love

Enjoy doing more of what you love on your computer for a longer time. 840 EVO features lower idle power consumption compared to HDDs. This is important because PCs spend 80 to 90 percent of their time sitting idle. The drive promotes energy savings and longer battery life, which gives you more time and flexibility when you’re on the go.

Add style to your PC

With the Samsung 840 EVO you not only get optimal performance but top of the line design that emphasizes luxury and refinement. Unlike other SSDs that die-cast the surface using conventional CNC-milling, 840 EVO uses both new structural engineering and C-cutting to diamond-cut the premium titan surface for a sleek and stylish appearance. Watch your PC be reborn with a premium new look that expresses its powerful performance and efficiency.

Choose the capacity that’s right for you

With a wide range of capacities from a basic 120GB, a rare offering of 750GB, to the spacious 1TB, 840 EVO helps you find the perfect SSD for your PC upgrade. If you were previously reluctant to upgrade to an SSD because the capacities were lacking, now is the time to reconsider your SSD options. Because it is offered in the same capacities as conventional HDDs, 840 EVO eliminates the need to scale up or scale down the size of your drive. 840 EVO comes in ample sizes of 750GB and 1TB to satisfy your extensive storage needs. Plus, 840 EVO gives you a real 1TB drive running inside your computer rather than the 960GB SSDs previously labeled as “1TB drives.” Choose the right-sized SSD for your PC, all with the superb quality that a Samsung-made SSD can offer.

General Features

Capacity500GB (1GB = 1 Billion byte) 
Form Factor2.5 inch 
InterfaceSATA 6Gb/s (Compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s) 
Dimension (WxHxD)100.00 x 69.85 x 6.80 (mm) 
WeightMax 53g 
Storage MemorySamsung 1x nm Toggle DDR 2.0 NAND Flash Memory 
ControllerSamsung 3-core MEX Controller 
Cache MemorySamsung 512MB Low Power DDR2 SDRAM 
ApplicationDesktop PC & Laptop PC 

Special Feature

TRIM SupportYes 
S.M.A.R.T SupportYes 
GC (Garbage Collection)Auto 
Encryption SupportYes (AES 256-bit Encryption) 
WWN SupportYes 
Device Sleep Mode SupportNo 


Sequential ReadUp to 540MB/sec 
Sequential WriteUp to 520MB/sec * Sequential Write performance measurements reflect TurboWrite operation 
Random Read (4KB, QD32)Up to 98,000 IOPS 
Random Write (4KB, QD32)Up to 90,000 IOPS 
Random Read (4KB, QD1)Up to 10,000 IOPS 
Random Write (4KB, QD1)Up to 33,000 IOPS 


Average Power Consumption (system level)0.100 watts (Typical) 
Power consumption (Idle)0.045 watts (Typical, DIPM on) 
Allowable Voltage5V ± 5% 
Reliability (MTBF)1.5M hours 
Operating Temperature0 - 70°C 
Shock1,500G & 0.5ms (Half sine) 


Management SWMagician Software 


3 Years Limited Warranty (PC)

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