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Purchase RM 65 (2 Units Toner) Entitle to Choose or Topup One Gift Only.
Purchase RM 39 (1 Units Toner) Entitle to Choose or Topup One Gift Only.

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****RM 5.00  1.60


LED Flashlight Earpick Ear Pick Wax Remover Clean Cleaner Remover

***RM 3.90 (o.80)

Zhiseido Naturgo Black Sea Mud Face Mask

****RM 5.00 (10 pcs)

1 pc 35cent
FREE 5 Pcs

K Brothers Thai Rice Milk Soap 12pcs

****RM 20.00   1 pc 88 cent

FREE 2 Pcs

Disposable Throwaway Raincoat Rainwear Travel Tour Rain Coat Wear

***RM 2.00


75mm Diameter Lens Handle Straight Shank Reading Magnifier Magnifying Glass

***RM 3.00  1.06


Bra Underwear Washing Laundry Protection Mesh Bag

****RM 4.50  1.80


Bottle Stopper Pourer For Wine Oil Bar Liquor With Cap 3pcs

****RM 5.00   1.70

Washing Machine Laundry Bag Protective Mesh Bag 40x50CM

***RM 6.00  1.80


Multipurpose Storage Box Medicine Jewellery Organizer Storage Holder

***RM 3.00  1.59

7 Days Daily Weekly Pill Medicine Tablets Reminder Holder Dispenser

***RM 2.00 80cent

Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Wash Mitten Glove

***RM 4.00   2

Bicycle Bike Aluminum Rings Classic Bell

***RM 4.50  1.59


Mini Octopus Camera tripod mobile handphone holder

***RM 10.90  2.20


LED Wall Mounting Bedroom Night Lamp Licht Light Plug Lighting Bulb

****RM 5.00   2.00


Lady Shaver Rebetter Underams Legs Body Hair Remover Trimmer

****RM 10.00  2.12


Washable Reusable Sticky Picker Cleaner Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover

***RM 10.00 2.60


45mm Cute Mini Stylus Pen for Apple Iphone, Ipad,Samsung Touch Screen




14" RM4.00
 15" RM5.00

Shipping Charges :

Peninsular : RM 6

Sabah /Sarawak : RM10/RM10


Universal 3 in 1 Clip Lens for Smartphones

****RM 17.00


Shipping Charges :

Peninsular : RM 6

Sabah /Sarawak : RM9/RM9


USB 2.0 All In One Memory Card Reader

****RM 6.00   2.12


Head Lamp 7 LED Bicycle Torch Light Reading Camping 

***RM 9.00  2.65

Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports-Stand & Walk All Days Relief For Achy Feet

****RM 12.00    2.65

Topup RM 1


Kinoki Cleansing Detox Foot Pads 10pcs Cleanse & Energize Your Body

****RM 4.00   2.75

Mini Portable Hand Sealer Plastic Bag Food Storage Package Heat Seal Sealer

****RM 8.00   3.05


Anti Dust Garment Storage Bag Travel Clothes Protector Storage Bag

***RM 9.00  2.80


Anti-Slip Mat Accessory

***RM 6.00 3.05


Optical Mouse Pad MousePad Mice Pad Computer PC Laptop

***RM 7.00 3.18

40pcs blue CD Holder

**RM 6.00 3.18


Multi-Function Trimmer Shaver For Men 

***RM 9.00  3.82


3 in 1 Laser LED Light & Money Checker

            RM 7.00 3.71


HD Vision Sunglasses Wrap Around Glasses Driving

****RM 9.90  3.65


Car Mobile Phone Hand Free Silicon Car Steering Wheel Holder Socket

***RM 6.00  3.30


Magna Power Magnetic Massage Insoles 10 Magnets for Health Therapeutic

****RM 8.00  2.65


Comfortable Unisex Foot Health Memory Foam Insoles (1 Pair)

****RM 10.00  3.40


Knife and Blade Sharpener With Suction Pad

****RM 5.00 2.50


Wrist Palm Support Hand Guard

****RM 8.00    3.90


Camisole Cami Rack Hanger

****RM 8.00   3.40


Travelling Alarm Clock With Light ( 1 Unit )

***RM 8.00  4.24
Topup RM 1

Car Tissue Paper Box Holder

****RM 7.90   4.90
Topup RM 1

Angel Female Women Kid Old man Self Care Protection Personal Alarm

***RM 7.00  4.20
Topup RM 1
Magic Hair Comb Styling Tangle Hairbrush

4 colours available : Black, Purple, Green, Blue N Pink

****RM 9.00 5.60

Topup RM 1


Pibamy Gold Mask Whitening Moisturizing Mask Cream

****RM 16.00 5.85

Topup RM 1


Engrave It Engraving & Etching Pen Carve Tip Tool

***RM 10.00  5.85
Topup RM 1

8Pcs Soft Baby Newborn Children Bath Washcloth Towels For Bathing Feeding

****RM 10.00  5.85
Topup RM 1


Universal International Power Travel Adaptor Plug Converter

****RM 10.00    5.90
Topup RM 1


Corn Kerneler Peeler Stripper Cutter Jagung Remover Kitchen Tool

****RM 10.00  6
Topup RM 1

Universal Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount Holder Stand for Mobile Phone

***RM 10.00 6
Topup 5

Hair Bean Professional Gently Removes Tangles

****RM 9.00  6.05


Miracle Socks Anti-Fatigue Compression Stocking For Man & Women

****RM 11.00  6.35




Catch Caddy Car Seat Pocket Catcher Organizer Storage box X 2PCS

****RM 12.00  6.90


Wiper Wizard Old like New Windshield Blade Restorer

****RM 12.00  7.40

WaxVac Gentle and Effective Ear Cleaner Save & Easy

****RM 12.00  7.50


Car Sun Visor Tissue Box Holder Clip Holder

****RM 14.00  7.95


Total View 360 Degree Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

****RM 14.00  7.95



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