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Electricity_Power_saver MS388

Mini Sun Power Stabilizer

Save Electricity Bill 10% - 20 %

RM 199.00

  • Save Your Electricity Bill by 10% - 20%

  • Improve Electrical Efficiency and Power Factor

  • Reduce Overheating

  • Easy To Use, No Wiring is Required

  • No Maintenance Needed

  • Long Term Investment (save money every month)

  • Fully Compliant with Safety Standards

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • One year warranty
    (Suitable for  : shops, homes, restaurant, office & etc.)

How to install and how many Mini Sun Stabilizer needed: 
Installation is very easy.
- For Single-phase : Just plug one unit of the Mini Sun stabilizer into any wall plug socket.
- For 3 phases : 3 separate units are required for each phase; refer the installation to a qualified electrician!
 ( If you are not sure single phase or 3 phase, you can consult your wireman)

Single Phase Three Phase

      One unit Mini Sun Power Saver will do to take care your whole house electricity.

      Each Phase provide one units Mini Sun Power Saver. Total 3 units Mini Sun Power Saver needed.

**Apply Mini Sun stabilizer nearest to circuit breaker panel, the better result you will see.

There are Two type of model for the Mini Sun Stabilizer.

    Weight Recommended for monthly electricity / (kwh/unit)
Model W (mm) x H (mm) x D (mm) (gm) Single Phase 3 - Phase
MS 188 126 x 138 x 80 500 350 to 1000 750 to 2000 *
MS 388 126 x 138 x 80 550 500 to 2000 1500 to 6000

Which Model implement to my house?

Example 1:  your house is single phase & monthly electricity meter's reading always between 350 kwh to 1000Kwh. Model MS 188 is suitable for your house.

Example 2: your house is single phase & monthly electricity meter's reading always between 500 kwh to 2000Kwh. Model MS 388 is suitable for your house.

Technical Parameters :
- Insulating Material : Polycarbonate
- Rate voltage : Auto switching 110 & 220 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
- Storage Temperature : -15 degree to 60 degree
- Any countries that have an electricity supply of 110 - 130 VAC 60 Hz or 220 - 240VAC 50 Hz

How it works?
The Mini Sun Power Saver fine-tunes the electrical system in your home or office.  This fine-tuning reduces heat generation, reduces amperage and results in reduction consumption of electricity.  It causes less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of the inductive equipment in your home or office.  It protects against power surges and increases the capacity to the electrical panel by making it run cooler.  All this means extra money in your pocket. Mini Sun Power Saver is backed with a One year warranty.

The Mini Sun Power Saver unit is designed to provide significant savings on electric bills, increase the life of electrical motors through heat reduction and provide surge protection for the entire home or facility.  Using methods employed at large industrial complexes, now reduced to a compact unit, to reclaim and recycle electrical energy.  The application has benefits to both the user and the supplier of electrical power.

Power users are benefited through lower power bills; by less heat generated in motors and appliances, which will increase the productive life cycle of these products; with power surge suppression for the whole home or facility.

The technology applied by the Mini Sun Power Saver units uses capacitors to reclaim, store and supply power to inductive motors and loads.  This process provides the reactive power (kVAR) required to establish the electromagnetic field (EMF) around the inductive windings of a motor, while reclaiming and recycling the power during the normal working phase.  The power reclaimed and recycled by the Mini Sun Power Saver unit would normally be pushed back through the power distribution lines.

As a result of providing reactive power (kVAR) locally, motors run cooler and more efficient.  This equates to money savings and longer equipment life.

Bear in Mind:
- Do not use on multiple socket or extension cord.
- Plug on firmly attached socket.
- If want to unplug the stabilizer, please switch off and wait for 10 seconds for discharge internal voltage before
   unplugging from socket.

Note : Color, design & specifications may change withou Prior notice.


Q1 : How many years this product has been in the market ?

A1 : 5 years.


Q2 : Where does this technology came from  ?

A2 : This product using Germany Technology and local assembly in Malaysia.


Q3 : so far how many people using this product ?

A3 : This product already in the market quite sometime. worldwide using this product.


Q4 : Will this product save 10% - 20% electricity Bill ?

A4 : Yes. Based on customer feed back they save 10% -20% of monthly electricity depend on  consumption   product and monthly electricity loading.


Q5 :  How to install the power stabilizer ?

A5 : It is very easy. just plug in the power stabilizer unit to any of the power socket in your house. The nearest to the circuit breaker the better result.


Q6 : Do I need any expert to do maintenance ?

A6 : Absolutely no.


Q7 : Is the product legal ?

A7 : Yes. we are not steal electricity. This product try to reduce the wasted electricity that unseen and act like stabilizer to protect our premises.


Q8 : Do I need to switch on the power stabilizer all the time continuously ?

A8 : To get more saving, you need to switch on continuously. Unless you go for vacation for long periods of time.


Q9 : Do this product suitable for my country ?

A9 : Yes. The product have  Auto switching power supply 110 & 220 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz suitable to any country.


Q10: Our office using 3 phase system and Our meter reading more than 6000Kwz can it be use?

A10: No . This product not suitable for heavy loading electricity or monthly consumption exceeding 6000Kwh. Please refer the diagram.

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